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Titanium Billet

Round Titanium Billet from 4 - 1/2" to 15" diameters
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At Titanium Processing Center we offer high quality, commercially pure titanium in many different forms, and we keep our inventory updated and our stock full so we can ship your product to you as soon as possible. We also offer a range of value added services from our manufacturing division, so if you need fabricated or machined products, we can help you get the right products for the job.

Our round titanium billet comes in a variety of sizes, from 4-1/2” to 15” diameter. Take a look at the chart to see the full range of sizes and weights to see if we have the product in stock. We will ship most of our orders on the same or the next day, and most other items can go out within 24 hours.

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings or to place your next order.

Size (dia.) In Inches Weight Per Foot Size (dia.) In Inches Weight Per Foot
4-1/2 31.10 8-1/2 111.0
5 46.46 9 124.4
5-1/2 46.46 9-1/2 138.6
6 55.30 10 153.6
6-1/2 64.8 11 185.9
7 75.3 12 212.2
7-1/2 86.4 13 259.6
8 98.3 14 301.1
8-1/4 104.6 15 351.4